Managing your money should be easy.

To help you out we’ve put together a collection of calculators that will allow you to work through a number of scenarios and help plan your financial situation. Select from the list of savings, tax and loan calculators below.

Savings Calculator

See how much you can grow your savings.

Comparison Rate Calculator

Use interest rates and fees to compare trues costs of different loans.

Borrowing Power Calculator

Use your details to estimate how much you could borrow.

Property Selling Costs Calculator

Find out how much it will cost to sell your property and see where to save.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Find out how much stamp duty you’ll have to pay on a home.

Split Loan Calculator

Work out the costs of splitting your loan into a fixed and variable loan.

Property Buying Cost Calculator

Find out how much it will cost to sell your property and see where to save.

Compounding Interest Calculator

See how much your savings can grow over time.

Budget Planner Calculator

Use your income and expenses and to better plan your spending.

Buying vs Renting Calculator

Use the calculator to find out the cost of buying a home vs renting.

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